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Established in 1967

Call for Concrete Scanning in Hamilton before You Drill

From large to small spaces, Concrete Drilling & Sawing Ltd’s radar scanning service has the equipment that gives us an inside view of the concrete before we cut. This non-destructive testing helps us estimate thickness, locate utilities, cables and pipes or find voids. To ensure that things you can’t see aren’t damaged in the drilling and sawing process, choose us for our radar concrete scanning services in Hamilton and Southern Ontario. We want to keep your project safe.

GPR Scanning and Flux Scanning

We use GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) to find objects set in concrete, similar to sonar, which will display the width and depth of the object. Flux scanning is a method used for locating live-loaded A/C current, which must be “turned ON” while the scanning is being executed. Flux scanning can be performed any time of the day, as there are no harmful effects to people.



We believe in doing quality work for a reasonable price


Hamilton and Southern Ontario  |  200 km radius surrounding the Hamilton area

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