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Established in 1967

Concrete Sawing for Hamilton and Southern Ontario

The experienced crews of Concrete Drilling & Sawing Ltd have the equipment needed to safely complete a number of projects. Consider us if you have a project that involves:

Slab sawing

Saw cut windows and doorway windows

Wall sawing

Floor sawing

Road cutting

Road Sawing

Our powerful equipment is also capable of cutting thick floors and concrete roads efficiently. We have the equipment and the expertise to provide the right solution to all your road sawing needs.

road sawing

Electric Floor Sawing

Electric floor sawing is typically used indoors as an excavating method to create openings for stairs, ducts, elevator shafts, below-grade plumbing and other heavy-duty cutting projects.

floor sawing



We believe in doing quality work for a reasonable price


Hamilton and Southern Ontario  |  200 km radius surrounding the Hamilton area

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